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Vinyl 2 of a Kind: A Study Of Album Look-a-Likes

Longtime readers of Retrospace may find some recent Flashbak articles familiar; there's been a lot of new content to check out.  I've been happy to see some familiar names commenting on the new site.  Little by little it's starting to look a lot like Retrospace.  There's a few other contributors as well, so there's actually more stuff to peruse through (author John Kenneth Muir's stuff is dynamite).  Here a few articles I've put up on Flashbak that I think Retrospace readers would appreciate.  Check 'em out!

Yep.  Miniskirt Monday, a time-honored tradition around Retrospace, has been incorporated into Flashbak.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.  The tradition continues.

This is easily one of my favorite posts I've ever done.  It's not as pervy as the title sounds, and a lot of fun to put together - and surprising how often this trope occurs.


  1. Actually, I do know where Robby is; he's part of a personal collection of a tech collector near West Palm Beach Florida.

  2. I've certainly been reading your stuff on Flashbak...interspersed with photos of vintage English football.

    I think the layout you have here is superior to Flashbak, which really doesn't have categories or even a decent search function. Please don't give up on here because Retrospace is a model of how a retro-culture website should be done.