Mini Skirt Monday on Flashbak

Miniskirt Monday is coming to Flashbak.

When you think about it, it's only right that Miniskirt Monday should wind up on a British site - the originators of the mini.  I'm interested to see how these mini-centric posts will do on the new site.

Please note that many of the new Miniskirt Monday pics will look very familiar to longtime Retrospace readers. Have no fear.  While I plan to summon forth pictures from old MM posts, there will be plenty of new material to share in the future.  Also check out other articles by yours truly (Yeoman Lowbrow) See you there!


  1. Thank you! As a huge fan of the greatest fashion 'accessory' ever, I have really missed Mini Skirt Mondays!

  2. YAY!!!

    Anybody know who the BABE! in the lead photo is?

  3. Whoever she is, she looks incredibly dignified and demure but sexy/hotter than hell!

  4. A lot of those models couldn't make the cut in today's high-powered supermodel market. Our loss.

  5. Great news! Don't worry about using some of your best pics for your new audience. I certainly won't mind seeing them again.

    Now how about Tube Top Tuesdays!

  6. I cannot find any "Miniskirt Mondays" on Flashbak yet.
    Have you posted there already and it is lost in the noise or is this posting here just a tease?

    1. http://flashbak.com/mini-skirt-monday-minis-and-vintage-computers-17675/

      It's in there. Admittedly, the site takes some getting used to to navigate. Still polishing it.