Listen To 13 Of The Absolute Worst Songs Of The 1960s


  1. I'd heard that Mrs. Miller could actually sing OK and wanted to record songs correctly, but Capitol Records wanted her to sing "so bad it's good" to sell albums. They would deliberately have her sing out of time & off key. That disagreement ended her career at the label.

  2. T. Bone Burnett played drums on "Paralysed" by the Legendary Stardust Cowboy. No one's been able to decipher the lyrics and Lege isn't telling.

  3. I love Mrs. Miller -- she cracks me up! I wrote about her on my own blog a few years ago and no one knows for sure whether she really sang that way or if the record producers did things to make her sing off key (as she claims.) Personally I think it was her real voice and she was deluded into thinking she was a great singer, while all the time she was considered a joke behind her back. When she found out about it she got pissed. And the Jimmy Cross song is a parody--granted, a sick one, but funny because people had had enough of the splatter platters by the time it came out.

  4. I Want My Baby Back is sooooo bad!

    I hate Abraham Martin and John anyway.

    Tijuana Border is a spoof of Wolverton Mountain by Claude King.

    I kinda like the Melanie, but I can sure see why others wouldn't.

    I'm not much of fan of Zappa or Captain Beefheart, so this Turtles track did nothing for me. However, the Turtles sing the song my wife and I claim as ours, Happy Together.

    I've heard some bad surf tunes (I love surf so I'm always seeing out obscure stuff) but man, that Polish stuff was bad! They couldn't even play the instruments!

    I don't know that I'd actually listened to The Shaggs before. Man. Wow. Holy crap.

    Well, no I'm off to a meeting with the Provost and President of the university. Thanks for the attitude adjustment so I can be on edge and possibly provoke some controversy.

  5. Melanie is actually quite good, and remains an active performer to this day . Her performance in the rain at Woodstock was legendary. The audience lit candles which stayed lit through the rainstorm as she performed. Her song "Lay Down (Candles In the Rain)" is about that.
    "Bobo's Party" probably isn't the best song to single out as an example of her work.

  6. The Novas song "The Crusher" is a tribute to Reggie "Crusher" Lisowski, a legendary professional wrestler who teamed with various partners, most famously with Dick The Bruiser.

  7. I nominate Bing Crosby's cover of Hey Jude. http://garagesalin.blogspot.com/2014/01/hey-bing.html

  8. Oh....My....God! When Alfred E. Neuman's 'It's a Gas" turns out to be the best of the bunch, that's pretty scary.

  9. That Polish surf song is "great!" I especially love the sax solos. Ha!

    Having said that, some of the BEST surf bands are from places you wouldn't exactly think of first as surf meccas, such as Finland (Laika & The Cosmonauts), Canada (Huevos Rancheros) and Japan (Takeshi Terauchi & The Blue Jeans). Just sayin'. Check 'em out! ;)