17 Insane and Disturbing Trading Cards

NON-SPORTS trading cards around the 1970s generally were aimed at kids and revolved around a popular movie or TV program.  They were meant for fun; for collecting and trading on the playground. Nothing serious.  Subsequently, it’s all the more unsettling when you run across an old trading card that takes a walk on the dark side.  Here are a seventeen insane and disturbing examples. Enjoy.


  1. I bet cards like the Bo Derek set would have been... prized...by the pubertous generation. My dad had some WWII cards called "To Know The Horrors of War Is To Want Peace" with captions like "Japs Strafing Innocent Chinamen".

  2. I had those Mork & Mindy and Batttestar Galactica cards.

  3. This is hilarious!!! Especially that last one...what??!?!?! Like killing yourself is going to make your mom happy? Why are they promoting this to children????? You're right this is very very disturbing
    I love your website :)

  4. The Jaws 2 card with the mauled, beached Killer Whale is false. Killer Whales actually hunt Great Whites. Yes of course this was Jaws, the baddest shark in the world, but common man.

  5. There used to be an common expression, "It's enough to drive me to drink!"

    The card with "Richie Cunningham" is meant to be humorous, by running that old phrase while juxtaposed with the young Richie drinking soda pop, not booze..

    LEAVE IT TO BEAVER was from a kid's point of view, so everything was always overly serious. Wally and the "Beaver" would say things like: "Mom and Dad want us to dress up on Sunday!? There's NOTHING worse! Gee, I'd rather kill myself than have to do that! Or kiss Aunt Sadie!"

    Not meant to be dark or worrisome in any way...

    Al Bigley